Dream of the Trenches, Noemi Press, March 2019


March 2019 Staff Pick at Paris Review

“[Kate Colby is] the kind of writer who notices both the windshield and the speck of dust on it, and Dreams of the Trenches is the kind of book that places them side by side and says, Look.” The Paris Review

“Dream of the Trenches feels like a remake of William Carlos Williams’s ‘Spring and All’ for the 21st century…a charmingly obsessive, self-conscious deconstruction, an intellectual fun house of recurring and recursing ideas, a post-Postmodernist treatise on the idea of its own existence.” Powell’s Books

“This is a book about the process of writing, thinking about the self, and thinking about the self in relation to writing. It's also a book about movement. It shape-shifts, taking on the guise of a sly Matryoshka doll, aware of its own nesting tendencies, all the while aware that you are aware of them.” The Rupture

The Arrangements, Four Way Books, 2018

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On Washington Independent Review of BooksSeptember 2018 Best Books List

On The Millions’ Must-Read Poetry: October 2018 List

“Counteractions, counterindications, and impossible interactions mark this meticulously crafted and sonically alluring seventh collection from Colby.” Publisher’s Weekly 

“These are sharp elegies—not quite of the dead, but of the failures of language and connection all around us…” The Millions

Featured on Speedway & Swan podcast, University of Arizona

“In Colby’s poems, the veil between eye and I flutters, dissolves, and reappears, allowing the reader to intuit the subjectivity of the self: if seeing is believing, can we discern who we are from what we choose to see?” Salamander Magazine

“Colby's impeccable craft, as well as the pacing of the collection as a whole, allows these poems to build a world that asks readers to push themselves beyond the familiar ways of organizing their existence toward more uncomfortable and intangible interrogations of self.” The Rupture

I Mean, Ugly Duckling Presse, 2015

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“Using its title anaphoristically and clocking in at nearly 70 pages, the title poem is a tight, nimble, and wide-ranging work that manages to, in the author's words, 'pile words up / and wrap the referents around them' in a remarkably fun and conceptually virtuosic way. The essays also display an erudition that can be both heady and playful…With verve and purpose, Colby plays trick after alluring trick to write herself in and out of meaning.” Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“This is a big book for Colby, she is trying to lay everything out. For those who are a fan, it is a must read. For those wanting to write better expository prose, a must read.” Queen Mob’s Tea House

Featured at The Poetry Foundation

Blue Hole, Furniture Press, 2015

Winner 4th annual Furniture Press Poetry Prize / Selected by Elizabeth Robinson


“Kate Colby’s poems unfurl like a complex melody. You wander through the day with them, following the loop of tune. ‘Everything might already exist,’ she writes, ‘but it hasn’t all been found.’ ....Colby’s robust intelligence and her vulnerability make for a poetry that has durable, if evolving, meaning."              Elizabeth Robinson

Return of the Native, Ugly Duckling Presse, 2011

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“The poems in this collection transcend Hardy’s influence; they begin and engage in a dialogue all their own, a dialogue that is distinctly American...Colby’s use of borrowed language turned on its head forces the reader to question just how these idioms function, how language itself functions.” CutBank

Beauport, Litmus Press, 2010


“Colby investigate[s] and disassemble[s] the merely historical imagination...mixing scenes from [Henry Davis] Sleeper's life and times with her own early life in New England and New York. Visual impressions, sense memories and real names (Frederick Law Olmsted, Baron von Haussmann) collide as Colby meditates on the supposed, perhaps illusory, autonomy of a house, of an art, of a life.” Publishers Weekly

“Kate Colby poses the question of whether the fictions that orient our daily lives are necessarily less real, natural and true than the more visceral, complex and historically subtle world supposedly revealed by ‘realist’ poets.” João Paulo Guimarães, Nordic Journal of English Studies

Unbecoming Behavior, Ugly Duckling Presse, 2008

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“Kate Colby examines Jane Bowles’ biography through an imaginative parsing of sensory detail, autobiographical detail and critique of creative process. The long poem is as engaging and resonant as the subject matter is rich” Galatea Resurrects

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Fruitlands, Litmus Press, 2006

Winner Norma Farber First Book Award 2007 / Selected by Rosmarie Waldrop


Fruitlands is an ambitious and astonishing first book which, though it knows that it cannot resolve the complexities of our world, nevertheless tries to give them form. Its brilliant and precise language does indeed ‘figure the problem (not figure out).’"    Rosmarie Waldrop

“What is reality’s role in the conceptual? What is our own? What are our relationships with human contrivances, such as science and art and language? How is the natural world involved in these relationships? If these questions have a dialect, Fruitlands speaks in it.” Cutbank


Sun Damage, Essay Press, 2017             

Engine Light, PressBoardPress, 2016

Rock of Ages, Anadama Press, 2015

A Banner Year, Belladonna Press, 2006